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I'm currently doing this program and loving it!!! I dare you to check it out and try it to! Make sure you let me know if you decide to do it. :) It's 12 weeks of your life and it's only going to make it better and make you and your body something you'll love! She has videos & meal plans and grocery lists and everything you could need. Trust me. Check it out! :D

I'm crossing off the days & leaving notes as I do them!! See where I'm at below:

Phase 1

Week 1

Day 5 - Rest

Day 6 - Rest

Day 7 - Rest

Finished week 1 and feeling great! I haven't really lost any weight but I didn't expect to. I'm building muscle and actually eating more than I'm used to but healthier than usual. Bring on the muscles!!!

Week 2

Day 12 - Rest

Day 13 - Rest

Day 14 - Rest

Finished week 2 and still feeling great. I feel like I've been sore for 2 weeks straight. haha But actually the 3 rest days are much needed and by the 3rd day I'm feeling good. Then comes the next week and I'm sore again. I guess that means it's working! YAY! I'm feeling stronger too. I actually bought 15 lb dumbbells this week because I didn't think that the 10's were quite hard enough for some of the sets. I am realizing though as I look ahead on the workouts that I'm definitely not going to be able to do this program from home for much longer. When the 2nd Phase comes I might just have to get a gym membership to continue this program. --which I'll need to do because I'm LOVING it!!

Week 3

Day 20 - Rest

Day 21 - Rest

Finished week 3!! WOO HOO! Once again, I felt sore most of the week. Will that every end?? :) I guess I don't mind. I'll be worried & probably push myself harder if I'm not sore. I got a gym membership this week and its really nice!! It has helped out a lot of with my workouts. I know I am doing them the way they are supposed to be done now because I'm not altering them at all. I'm excited for week 4 and I'm actually getting a bit anxious to begin Phase 2 and incorporate cardio. Hopefully that will help me slim down a bit. I can definitely tell I'm gaining muscle! I'm a bit nervous about having "man arms" haha That seems to be my easiest place to tone. Unlike my abs! :/ They're my trouble spot! So I think I'm going to start doing an extra day of abs and paying extra attention in the kitchen. You know what they say... Abs are made in the kitchen!! :D

Week 4

Day 27 - Rest

Day 28 - Rest

Oh boy!!! I finished Phase 1 and I'm still going strong! I have EVERY intention of finishing this program and doing it as best as I can! This week went well. About the same as the first 3 weeks with most days being sore. I'm glad that Phase 1 is done though and now I can begin Phase 2 and incorporate cardio. YIPPEE! Time to shred some inches! I found myself being quite proud this week that I've made it this far and how well I'm doing with my diet & nutrition. That's usually where I struggle. But like I said last week, abs are made in the kitchen. and I REALLY want those abs! :D So here it goes... Bring on Phase 2!

Phase 2

Week 5

Day 35 - Rest

This week was a challenge. I had a different schedule (jury duty) which made it more difficult to get the gym but I only missed one day. :) Cardio was added to weight lifting this week which was also a big challenge. It's been over a month since I've done any type of cardio and I could definitely tell! I felt out of shape. lol I couldn't even run 1 mile the first day. But I did make it 2.5 today! :) YAY! My eating wasn't as clean as I would have liked it to be, but I will get back on track tomorrow. I didn't lose any weight this week but I'm hoping I will by the end of next week. :D

Week 6

Day 42 - Rest

This week was a great week in the exercise department, however, it was not so great in the diet department! So I guess I evened out and didn't get a whole lot of progress with weight loss! UGH! I'm still getting stronger though. It feels good to be using 20's instead of 15's for most of my dumbell reps! WOO HOO! I'm going to try to kick up the cardio for some extra fat burning this week! Wish me luck. ;)

Week 7 

Day 49 - Rest

Week 8

Day 56 - Rest

Phase 3

Week 9

Day 63 - Rest

Week 10

Day 70 - Rest

Week 11

Day 77 - Rest

Week 12

Day 84 - Rest

Okay... I finished the program! YAY! Some of these workouts were pretty tough in the 3rd phase... but I forced myself through them! I found myself being constantly hungry in this phase! And yet... I was a little disappointed that I didn't lose any weight.  I definitely gained alot more muscle through this program but I didn't feel that I lost much fat. I think this program is perfect for anyone that is at their ideal body size looking to gain some muscle and strength. Otherwise, I think I prefer Insanity for weight loss & fat loss. So... maybe I can get back into that for the summer! :D Wish me luck!

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