Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 44 - A Clean Eating Challenge!

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs & a banana
Snack: grapefruit
Lunch: turkey & low fat cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with hummus, apple & cucumbers
Dinner: 2 chicken tenders & sweet potato hash
Snack: grapes & a pickle
Calories Consumed: 1038

Exercise: run 1 freezing mile

Today I started a 30 day clean eating challenge!!! So you'll be seeing a photo of everything I ate that day with a day # on it rather than random pics of some stuff that I ate. :D I'm hoping that this really keeps me accountable thorough the holidays! I'm posting everything into a Facebook group with a few other people looking to get healthier!! This is going to be a challenge for me because I'm used to snacking on stuff that isn't exactly clean!! But this will be good because it will force me to eat more fruits & veggies!! I will definitely keep you posted on how this is going!! Today went really well. However... once I logged my calories on I realized i did not consume many calories. :/ I need to eat more! That's my goal for tomorrow. 1200-1400 calories!!

I didn't have an afternoon snack today which is rare! I worked a LONG day today & then stopped at the grocery store for a few more CLEAN items! :D So by the time I got home I figured I'd better go for a run quick before it got dark & when I got back it was dinner time!

About that run...
I wore my shades because it was really sunny outside. (as you can probably tell) I've actually never ran in sunglasses before because they usually bounce, but my headband helped to keep them in place & these ones are new and fit quite well!!

Anyhow... the run was nice & pretty while the sun was setting!

However.... it was insanely cold!! I'm NOT used to it. I've never ran in the winter before. I usually hit the treadmill when it dips below 40 but I cancelled my gym membership this spring so I'm trying to suck it up!! --not so sure how its going to go....

SOO.... I cut my run short & only went like 1 mile! It was only like 18 degrees outside & windy!! I was somewhat thankful for my sunglasses blocking some of my face from the wind...but the rest of it felt like it was gonna get frostbite! 

So I went upstairs & started making dinner!! TADA! it was delicious!! And then it was DWTS time!!! So now I'm going to watch that & enjoy myself!!

Later Gators!

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