Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekend Shinanigans & Whatnot!

Brunch: Leftover Red Lobster - jumbo coconut shrimp & lobster & shrimp pasta
Dinner: ham & (thin) cheese sandwich on Ezekiel bread with hummus & carrots
Post-Workout: dreamsicle protein shake

Exercise: LiveFit Day 37 - Chest & Abs & 30 minutes or Cardio --interval running

Okay.... I will be the first to admit that the last couple of days have not been very good in the eating department!!! Let me explain...although these aren't excuses!

Last week I was on jury duty for a rape trial all week. (Google Jermaine Jones Fargo if you're interested) That equals stress. LOTS OF STRESS! It was also a totally different schedule that I wasn't used to. I did miss 1 day of working out last week due to just plain old exhaustion. But my eating was actually pretty good last week. 

My mom & sister surprised me last Friday after I got done with jury duty. They were on their way to Fargo to pick up a puppy at the pet store!! He was such a cutie!! She later named him Cooper! He's a maltese chiwawa mix.

Josie was sooo excited to have a playmate!! They played so well together. Here's a video of them playing. --So cute! hehe

Then on Saturday we went and seen the movie Safe Haven. Me & my mom ready the book and the movie is very different from the book but it was still a good movie. I loved it! :) I'd definitely suggest going to see if you like romance type of movies!

Then they left that afternoon and I went and got my workout in and just relaxed. 

Sunday, Justin and I celebrated Valentines Day by going out for lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube! The place is a pretty neat bar & grill. They have lots of motorcycle and racing type stuff. The food was okay... I ordered wings and I have to say that I like B-Dubs & Applebees wings better. I'd go back & eat there again though. I just would order something different. Then we went and did our grocery shopping and went home and chilled that afternoon & then I went and worked out and that was pretty much my Sunday.

Monday we were in blizzard conditions but I made it to work anyways. Then planned on going to the gym but it was closed due to the weather so I just chilled Monday night.

Tuesday I had jury duty again and we reached the verdict (guilty) in the morning and I went straight to the gym at about noon and got my workout in. Then that evening I was so excited about being done with jury duty that Justin and I thought we should celebrate by going out to eat at Red Lobster!! And naughty me... I didn't choose a healthy option because my favorites looked too tempting and I had been stressing about the damn trial all week! :D Anyhow, it was delicious and satisfying and I didn't even finish half of if after eating the biscuits and salad before. Then we took a fun little trip to the pet store and looked at the ferrets for fun! It made me miss Phoebe (the ferret that I once had). Then we went home & went to bed!

Today was back to work...however, I was up half the night with a bad cough and fever & didn't feel well at all. So I when I woke up in the morning I was exhausted! So I called into work and slept until 10. Then I went into work at noon until 5. Then came home and ate a yummy grilled sandwich for dinner & went and worked out at Family Wellness with my friend Annah. We had a great workout. We did chest & abs and 30 minutes on the treadmill. I ran a mile and then did interval sprinting for the next 20 minutes. It felt GREAT! But I also felt like I was going to die....  :D --Just bein' honest!  Then I came home and had a protein shake & was making my lunch for tomorrow and realized that I had used the last of my hummus on my sandwich for dinner. I was panicked!!! WHAT WAS I GOING TO PUT ON MY SANDWICH FOR TOMORROW!?? NO HUMMUS!??? OMG! lol Anyhow... I was about to put my coat on and run to the store at 9:30 to go get some hummus when I decided to go old school and have a PB&J!! That will taste yummy tomorrow. :) So now my lunch for tomorrow is all packed and so is my workout stuff! That means I can go to bed! WOO HOO! Tomorrow will be a good diet day! I promise! I am BACK ON TRACK! Adios friends!

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