Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I got a heart rate monitor!! YAY!

Breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat toast with crunchy PB
Snack: 2 turkey meatloaf muffins
Lunch: turkey & (thin) cheese on Ezekiel bread with hummus, cucumbers & celery
Snack: Clif Builder's protein bar
Post Workout: vanilla raspberry lemonade protein shake --vanilla whey protein, raspberry lemonade crystal light mix & water
Dinner: pork chop with a few sweet potato fries and carrots
 -- no snack tonight because I had a late dinner.

Exercise: LiveFit Day 23 - Back & Biceps

Today was a pretty normal day! Busy at work...but otherwise normal. My workout was the usual tough workout. I came home and Josie was playing with Miss Piggy and she had stuffing all over! The picture just doesn't do justice. She's giving me her "what did I do, Mom?" look. haha Nice try Josie!

 Then I made some pork chops for dinner and I had not even half a sweet potato leftover in the fridge so I made a few sweet potato fries and I ended up making them a little too crispy! I ate them anyways. :D  Oh!!! and Justin and I went to Scheels too and I got myself a heart rate monitor for when I start my cardio next week!! It's perfect because it syncs with my Nike+ GPS watch!!

I love it! And I even tested it out in the living room by doing some jumping jacks, chasing Josie, some butt kicks, knee highs. You know... the stuff that gets your heart going!! :) Work great and I can't wait to use it at the gym. I LOVE getting new workout gear! It's an addiction really. Luckily I still have gift cards from Christmas. --Usually they don't last this long.

I was also going to inform you that I tried REALLY hard to go to bed early last night. I was in bed and had my eyes closed by 9:30!! BUT... I just couldn't fall asleep. I tossed and turned and tossed and turned for about an hour. I checked the time at 10:40 and I think I fell asleep shortly after that. So... I'm going to try again tonight. It's funny how in the afternoons, I'm dog tired. But at about 8:00, I tend to get a 2nd wind. :/ Which is when I should be going to bed. Oh well. Better luck to me tonight I guess.  

Here's to a happy hump day tomorrow!

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