Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Weekend With The Fam! / Tuesday Snoozday! & Matt's room!

Ok... I had company all weekend and therefor, I didn't post anything. And yesterday...well, my internet was lacking!!


Breakfast: 5 egg whiles with peppers, blackberries
Snack: 2 turkey meatloaf muffins --check out the recipe on my recipes page
Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich with hummus, celery & cucumbers
Snack: apple with crunchy PB and a chocolate protein bar --check out this recipe too!
Dinner: 3 eggs with pico de gallo & 1/2 a whole wheat english muffin
Snack: popcorn, chocolate protein bar


Breakfast: whole wheat waffle with PB
Lunch: oriental chicken salad, 3 honey bbq wings
Snack: grapes, mixed nuts
Dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes & corn
Snack: energy bite --check out the recipe on my recipes page!

Sunday: (my not so good day)

Breakfast: 4 egg whites with pico de gallo, hashbrowns & bacon
Lunch: hamburger & sweet potato fries, a few tator tots
Snack: starburst
Dinner: whole wheat waffle with PB
Snack: energy bite & chocolate protein bar

Exercise: --all 3 of these days were my rest days. I wasn't being lazy, it is what the LiveFit program calls for. :D

This weekend was GREAT to say the least! My whole family came to visit and that doesn't happen often so I enjoyed every minute. I really enjoyed being the hostess too. :) When I got home from work on Friday, I cleaned the apartment and got it all spiffy for when they arrived. 

They got there about 8 o'clock that night and we just kind of hung out and visited that evening. It was pretty relaxing. Saturday morning we got up and made some homemade whole wheat waffles for breakfast and then us girls decided to go get pedicures! It was great. I've only had 1 pedicure before and it was a long time ago! I'm sure you're wondering what the boys were up to while we did our girly thing.... They went and shopped at Scheels and Gander Mountain. --boy stuff. :D Then we met up afterwards and had lunch at Applebees! (my favorite) It was pretty entertaining. My family gets a little weird & crazy when we get together. Always fun though.

After lunch we were all pretty relaxed and we went back to my apartment and my mom and I started the turkey for dinner and we all played some cards and chilled for a bit. Then we decided to start a game of Monopoly. Dad kicked our butts as he always does... UGH!

Pretty soon the turkey was done (5 hours later) lol and I set the table and we had some turkey, mashed potatoes, corn & gravy for dinner. YUMMAY! then we all laid around all tired and lazy for a bit before I decided we should start a game of Wii bowling! I kicked everybody's butt. That was fun! haha Then we played more cards (can you tell my family plays alot of cards??) and had a couple drinks and went to bed.

Sunday morning we made a big breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns & bacon! It was delicious! Then Jess started talking about how she wanted a puppy and asked if there was a pet store in town. So... we waited until the mall opened at noon and went to check it out. She fell in love with a cute little maltese/pomeranian/shiitshu (however you spell it). She almost got it...but then didn't. It was disappointing. So we went back to my apartment and had burgers, tator tots & sweet potato fries for lunch and then they headed home. It was strangely quiet in the apartment after they left. I missed them!! :( The rest of the day was pretty lazy. Josie got a nice bath and a trim and then we were lazy. :)


Breakfast: 4 egg whites with pico de gallo, blackberries
Snack: 2 turkey meatloaf muffins
Lunch: leftover turkey sandwich with hummus , cucumbers & carrots
Snack: energy bite & chocolate protein bar
Dinner: leftover turkey, mashed potatoes & corn
Snack: homemade PB banana ice cream --check out the recipe on my recipes page!!

Exercise: Jamie Eason's LiveFit Day 8 - Chest & Triceps

Last night was pretty chill. I got home and relaxed watching Friends for an episode then decided that I wanted to work on my bodyspace profile BUT I didn't have any internet at home so I drove to the McDonalds parking lot and jacked theirs. :D Then I went home after I was finished and made dinner and then did my workout while watching Biggest Loser, then took a bath and then ZzZzZzZzzzz....


Breakfast: 4 egg whites with pico de gallo, blackberries
Snack: 2 chocolate protein bars
Lunch: leftover turkey and carrots
Snack: 3 energy bites
Dinner: --slept right through it
Snack: Blackberry protein smoothie

Exercise: LiveFit Day 9 - Back & Biceps

Today was just another day at the office. It was incredibly slow so I took a long lunch and bought some 15 lb dumbbells. The 10's just weren't as difficult as it should be. Can you believe that new dumbbells at Walmart are cheaper than used ones at Play It Again Sports!?? Crazy but true!!  I came home and had a couple energy bites for a snack in hopes of gaining some energy...but it didn't work so I laid down and took a nap. My hopeful catnap turned into a 4 hour nap (as they usually do) so I got up a little before 8 and wasn't really hungry for dinner so I did my workout and had a post workout protein smoothie. I put in some frozen mixed fruit, orange juice, blackberries & vanilla whey protein. Yummy!! After using my 15's instead of 10's today, I'm extra sore & tired so this protein smoothie is much needed!!! Now I'm going to lay in bed and catch up on some reading...since I'm sure I won't be able to sleep for a while. Btw... I'm currently reading The Bodybuilding.com Guide To Your Best Body by Kris Gethin. So far, it's  pretty interesting.

PS: I apologize for the lack of photos this weekend. I wasn't in a photographing mood...It sure would have made this post more interesting, but oh well. Hope I didn't bore you too much! :D Goodnight!

PSS: I finally took some pics of Matthew room. It's not completely finished yet...but it's getting there. I need to do a few more CARS paintings of Mator & Sallie and 2 more characters and I need to purchase the bedding yet, but otherwise, it's complete!! Check it out!

At least it's nice & organized now!!! Ok...I am actually going to go to bed now! Goodnight... no more PS's....haha

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