Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 34 - A Run in the Snow with Woof-N-Boots!

Breakfast: whole wheat english muffin with natural peanut butter
Snack: grapefruit, 2 peanut butter bites
Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich with spicy hummus, string cheese, 2 granny smith apples
Snack: homemade granola bar, hummus & cauliflower
Dinner: 1 piece of lasagna, 1 piece of garlic toast
Calories Consumed: 1704

Exercise: 2 mile run in the snow!

What a fantastic Friday!!! And now its the weekend. I should have celebrated with a glass of wine with my tasty dinner! However, I had just gotten back from a nice snowy run, so I was craving water! :D

About that run... it was sooo nice and scenic! Surprisingly, I enjoyed the snow. I highly dislike the winter and if it was up to me, I'd move South! But I know I'd miss family way too much. run.... AMAZING. Here we are, all ready to go!! Josie was SO excited about the snow.

Ok...all you other dog people out there, does it drive you as crazy as much as it drives me crazy how dogs have to pee ALL THE TIME!!! and then have to poop like....ALOT! UGH. That's the only thing that bugs me about running with Josie. is the stop, go, stop, go! Maybe I need to switch her dog food or something but she used to be alot better.  Anyhow...we really worked on "heel" tonight as well since I was sick of her tugging on the leash. (sorry about the complaining) It really was an enjoyable run!! Check out my beautiful scenery!

See.... how could someone not enjoy that!?? Pure bliss right there! It was kind of funny though when we got back because Josie looked like she had boots on her feet!! lol The snow likes to stick to her. We'll just call her Woof-N-Boots! haha Get it?? Like Puss-N-Boots! :D (I laugh at my own jokes) Its much worse when her hair is long, but I had to giggle!

When I got home we had some super yummy lasagna & garlic toast! 

Tonight is going to be a movie night. We rented Madagascar 3!!! I own the other 2 and LOOOOOVVEEE them! They're so funny! We also rented Safe House. Is that one good?? I guess I'll find out! Time to chillax & enjoy the show!

See ya, friends!

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