Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 43 - My First Trail Run!

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with peppers on whole wheat toast & pineapple
Snack: 1 piece of ice cream cake
Lunch: a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup with a slice of whole wheat bread
Snack: shockers
Dinner: turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with hummus, carrots
Snack: banana 

Exercise: 3-4ish mile run

I woke up this morning and had a yummy breakfast & then I convinced my sister to go on a trail run with me in my hometown. I've wanted to go on the trails for a while now but I never want to go alone.

It was kind of cold today so we got some warm clothes on and hit the road! We drove into town & started at the cemetery & ran down the trail by the river. It was so much more scenic than my regular run through town & in the park. 

And it definitely beat by route that I take down the gravel road & back when I'm at my parents. I took quite a few pics to document the moment. Here's Jess just running along!

She said to me... you're taking so many pictures, its like you're on vacation & you've never done this. lol so I said "I haven't ever done this, I need to document!"  It was funny.

We tried our best to follow the river so that we wouldn't get lost. We went by my Grandma & Grandpa's house & I waved across the river and yelled "Hi Grandma!!" as we ran past. Then shortly after that, the trail took us away from the river and Jess asked if we should maybe turn around & head back. I wasn't ready to head back yet and I thought that the trail should turn back and go in a big loop. 

Well.... pretty soon we were goin in all kinds of loops and got a little confused as to which direction was which & we cut across to another trail. Pretty soon we found the lagoon!!

So we kind of knew where we were. We just weren't sure which side of the lagoon that we needed to to go to get back to the cemetery. So we ran a little further on the trail.

Did I mention that I rolled my ankle & thought that I pulled a muscle!?? YEA! I did... I'm not used to that rough terrain. There were roots & rocks & mud and all kinds of stuff that are not on the Fargo sidewalks. But I ended up running it out and then felt fine!

Anyhow... we ran a little further & figured we better get on the trail that goes around the lagoon so we don't run further in the wrong direction. Funny thing was... the lagoon has a barbed wire fence around it. SOOOO... we were a couple of rebels and jumped the fence. I threw Josie over. (don't worry, I threw her lightly) :D  Unfortunately, I did manage to put a little hole in my new pants!! :( Thankfully, the hole is at the bottom & hardly noticeable.

We got onto the lagoon trail & Josie loved chasing the geese off. And I find it funny when hundreds of them take off as you're running up to them! 

Then we figured we better take a little walking bread & Jess texted Levi (The Raptor) to try to figure out which side of the lagoon we needed to go to get to the cemetery. So we figured we better take a pic of us nice and cold!!! VERY cold! It was super windy out in the open by the lagoon.

We finally figured out where we had to go when Levi text Jess back & we had to go through another fence! (on the other side of the lagoon I might add). Then we ran about a quarter of a mile down a gravel road & found the cemetery!!! Jess did a victory dance!!

Then we went back over to the other side of the river & ran for the car!!!

When we got home we had quite the story & adventure to tell!! And a nice fire waiting to warm us up!!! --I was messing with photo booth! :D

 Then we chilled & watched the Vikings and after a bit we had some homemade chicken noodle soup!! YUMMMAAAYYYY in my TUMMMAYYY! --yep, I just said that! Be Proud! :D

Then I had a super long drive home where Josie slept like a baby & I jammed out to some country music! Now Im totally beat & ready for bed. Oh wait!!! The special edition to The Notebook is on tv. I better watch that!! :D

That's all for now. Stay tuned! :D

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