Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 42 - Bowling with the Fam...& some old videos!

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs
Snack: banana
Lunch: The Pita Pit - small Caesar pita with a Pur berry mangalo smoothie
Snack: rice krispie bar
Dinner: roast beef, corn & quinoa
Snack: a slice of ice cream cake
Calories Consumed: 1841

Exercise: rest day

I woke up yesterday morning & had to hurry up and get ready and eat some eggs so we could get to St. Cloud nice and early to do some shopping! We went to Herbergers, then Kohls, then the mall, & then Target! It was fun! I always love to go shopping with the ladies! :D It was all kinds of fun. We ate lunch at the mall & I chose Pita Pit over Subway because...well... I just like pitas better. I chose the chicken caesar pita with no bacon & had a smoothie. It was deeeelicious!

We got back from shopping & my sister (Jess) and her BF (Levi) and my brotha (Trav) were all chillin' in the kitchen visiting, so we joined in for a bit & tried to decide what to do that evening. We decided on going bowling!!

Soo... We all jumped in the car, not legally I might add. BUT we did double buckle! :D (don't worry... it's only like a 5 minute drive)

Once we got to the bowling alley & got our shoes on, we thought it would be funny if we all picked a nickname for the games! Mom was Barbie Doll, Dad was Num Chuck, I was Squirt (because I'm the shortest. After playing for a while & being called Squirt, I was rethinking my nickname & wished I would have went with Pipsqueak in stead lol), Levi was The Raptor, Jess was liveabities (because of her diabetes) & Trav was T-Money. lol It was fun. We were all calling each other the nicknames while bowling.

The Raptor & Liveabeties 

T-Money & Squirt

Liveabeties & Squirt

We were all having a grand ol' time bowling away!! We played 3 games! The first game THE RAPTOR won! The second game BARBIE DOLL won! and the third game NUM CHUCK won! 

This squirt didn't have much luck! I came in last place at least one of the games.  However, it was all kinds of fun, full of giggles though!!

When we got home, Jess & Levi were craving a DQ ice cream cake! So we hopped into the Coby! (my cobalt) 

These are old pics but I LOVE my Coby!

We ended up picking out a nice big birthday cake! It was delicious!

Then we relaxed & watched the movie Safe. It was a pretty good action movie. Strangely, I enjoyed it. I don't usually like too many action movies. Then Jess & I laid in bed watching goofy old videos that we've made in the past, like these ones that were posted on youtube.

- a video Jess did for Levi for Christmas Last year

Then we giggled & talked about old times & fell asleep!! It was a good day!
Hope yours was equally as great!

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