Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 22 - Lazy Day

Breakfast: banana & Nature Valley Protein bar
Snack: grapes & cinnamon raisin toast
Dinner: 2 scrambled eggs with peppers on whole wheat toast & strawberries
Snack: skinny cupcake, mini mint oreo blizzard

Exercise: Rest day!

Today was definitely a lazy day. We woke up at the hotel this morning and the first thing Matthew asks is "can I play with my monster truck!?" It was just so cute! So he played with his monster truck for a little bit while Justin brought Josie home & then we went and swam in the pool for a good hour. He's such a little swimmer! 

We came home and Matthew & I laid in bed watching cartoons while Justin watched the Vikings. We both ended up falling asleep & slept from about noon until 4!! EEEK! --I hope I can sleep tonight.  We had a nice long nap, then he played with his monster truck some more & I was still feeling quite lazy & didn't want to make dinner so we scrambled some eggs!! BRINNER!!! NNmmmm. 

Not much else to share for today. Happy Sunday Folks!

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