Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 30 - A Run At Sunset

Breakfast: Kashi go Lean Crunch
Snack: Luna protein bar, chocolate froyo (frozen yogurt)
Dinner: ham, turkey & thin colby jack cheese on light whole wheat bread with guacamole, cottage cheese & grapes
Snack: PB bite, natural fruit popsicle
Calories Consumed: 1611

Exercise: AMAZING 3 mile run with Josie at sunset

Ok... So I seriously need to be eating more fruits & veggies!! I'm a little low on those in the fridge so I think Im gonna need to pick some up to snack on!!

It was a short day at work today. I was able to go home around 9:30 so I stopped at Scheels quick on my way home to see if they had some running hats. You know...the ones with the pony tail hole in the back!! I WANT ONE! Anyhow...they did. But I didn't want to pay the price for them so I'll have to check elsewhere.

Soon as I got home I was exhausted because I didn't sleep well last night. --Probably from the food coma! HAHA woops! So I ended up taking a nap. I set my alarm for 12:30 so I'd only sleep for like an hour & a half...but of course, as always, I hit snooze and eventually shut off my alarm and slept until 4!!! yes... 4!!!! CRAP!!!! That's why I didn't eat lunch. So then I started some laundry and got ready to go for a run because it was GORGEOUS outside. The sun was shining and the temperature was actually decent (40ish degrees)

My run was great!!! I dressed perfect for the temperature, which is odd because I'm usually over or underdressed! I wore my under armour long sleeved turtle neck with one of my BOB t-shirts over it, some knit gloves & a headband! --Perfection! It was gorgeous outside and Josie was just loving the weather. I just had to snap a couple of pics around the pond!

Today was one of those days where I felt like I could run forever! It just felt SO GOOD! But I knew that I needed to get back because, since I slept all afternoon I had alot I needed to accomplish.

I got home and had a nice sandwich for dinner because I was feeling lazy in the cooking department! Then I got to cleaning!! I washed all of our bedding! Since Justin was sick I figured I probably should... and I cleaned the entire apartment and finally put my clothes that are being donated into bags instead of on my floor in heaping piles!! I'll have to drop those off tomorrow. 

Time for me to get some sleep so I don't need another super long nap tomorrow!!! 

Goodnight Everybody!!

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