Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 6 - Home Sweet Home

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg, strawberry protein smoothie
Snack: banana and an orange
Lunch: turkey & cheese (thin colby jack) sandwhich with hummus and grapes
Snack: Life Choice Energy Bar
Dinner: whole wheat wrap with chicken, cheese, lettuce, peppers & spicy ranch
Snack: grapes & string cheese

chicken wrap & watermelon

Exercise: DAY OFF!

Well... today we drove to my hometown of Milaca, MN to visit my parents! This is a test to see how well I can do with my eating. So far, so good! Tonight went well. I had a wrap for dinner. GO ME! unfortunately I didn't have light ranch but I needed the spicy ranch for a little more flavor. 

It was homecoming tonight so we went and watched my cousin Mitch play. I'm not sure how it ended because it was FREEZING cold so we left at half-time. I didn't even get any candy or snacks during the game. Gosh, I'm doing good. :D Hopefully tomorrow will go just as well. Last week, I'd be chowing down on a big bowl of ice cream.. Kudos to me. I hope everyone had a great Friday!!

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