Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 28 - Rambo & Wonder Woman

Breakfast: 2 eggs on a whole wheat english muffin with grapes
Lunch:  White chicken Chili & some bread, a pumpkin carrot bar, and a pumpkin crunch bar! --they were so good Sarah!
Snack: a few chips with some dip that was like taco dip but without the taco seasoning (whatever that's called)
Dinner: strawberries, grapes, chips & hamburger cheese dip, homemade pizza roll, homemade twix bar, bagels & dip --recipe below
Calories Consumed: 1875 --oops

Exercise: 1.5 mile run with Josie

I planned on waking up at 8 this morning and Justin tried his best. It's kind of lost cause. I'm NOT a morning person. So I ended up getting up at 9 and was pretty rushed. I had to cut my run short when I woke up & got ready as fast as I could but I was still late to our first Halloween festivity out at Greenbrook Farm.

That's me with my lovely niece at the party trying to stay warm. It was somwhere between 30 & 40 degrees and we were very thankful for the sun!! :D

We had a great time being part of a chili cookoff that my SIL (sister in law) Jen won! It was delicious!! She made a white chicken chili. I've never had that kind of chili before but I must say, I'm in love!! :D --Definitely going to have to get the recipe from her.

Then we did a pumpkin carving contest and I was trying to carve a spider web with a spider and it was an epic fail!! AWFUL I tell you!! AWFUL!  I didn't even take a picture because I gave up in the middle of it. lol Here's some of the others.

Instead... I thought I'd share a pic of the best pumpkin I've ever carved which was 2 years ago at Greenbrook Farm. It's a cat on a fence!

We also took some family photos which I don't have since I was sooo smart & forgot my camera at home. --My bad! I'll post them later when I get them from my other SIL Sarah. (now added) 

And some people played some touch football while the rest of us watched. It was chilly & wasn't feeling the football today. --Otherwise, I'd be all over a fun game of 2 touch!

It was a fun day at Greenbrook farm but we also had another party to attend that evening so we had to head home & get our costumes on and whatnot!!

Off to the next Halloween Party at the Walter house!!  This is where there were just too many goodies to pass up! Not my best dinner choices but it was all DELICIOUS!!! Here are the goodies I brought to share. -- My pumpkin carrot bars with cream cheese frosting leftover from the party at Greenbrook Farm & my bagels & dip.

I also had 2 of my current most favorite adult beverages!! NOT a healthy choice btw... but oh so yummy & satisfying! I probably should have went with the skinnygirl cosmo to save on calories, but it was one of those days where I felt the need to go big or go home! HA

So... I know you have all been anxiously waiting to see my Wonder Woman Costume.....
 Don't wet your pants or anything!!! But here it is....

That is me with my wonderful hubby, Rambo!! Don't giggle at me!! I put many hard hours and a decent amount of money into that costume!! LOVE IT!!! :D --That's right, you have no choice. ;)

It ended up being an early night home, which was ok because we were both pretty wiped out from the long day of fun(ness). --I don't care if that's not a word, I'm using it! It was FUN! I was pretty excited about my new BOB 95 shirts that I got from my friend Michelle that I had to put one on right away!! 

Then I got a little chilly so I put an old high school sweatshirt from my little bro on. Here I am... In my sweats & blogging away!!

As promised... MY bagels & dip recipe... not a very healthy recipe. BUT GOOD! This recipe I didn't find online!! :D It's been in the fam for a while. My mom always made it for New Years and that was (for the most part) the only time she made it & I LOVED it. It's probably a good thing she didn't make it more often because I can never stop after having a little bit. It's one of those snacks that I just constantly sit & nibble on. EEEK. :/ Don't say I didn't warn you!

{ Bagels & Dill Dip }

2 bags of whole wheat bagels
2 packages of corned beef (I use Buddig brand)
1 1/3 c light sour cream
1 1/3 c light mayo
2 tsp dillweed
2 tbs parsley
1/2 chopped onion

Chop up the corned beef and mix with the rest of the ingredients! If too salty, add more sour cream & mayo. 

NOTE: This is a large batch!! If using for a small amount of people (5 or less) I would recommend going halfsies on the batch!

Alrighty peeps... It's gettin' late and its been a super long day & my hubby is fast asleep!! Time for this girl to hit the hay!!! ADIOS FOLKS!

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