Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 20 - Motivation & A Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Breakfast: mixed fruit protein smoothie (see recipe below)
Snack: vanilla honey greek yogurt, Nature Valley protein bar (PB choc. chip)
Lunch: salad with romaine lettuce, shaved chicken, sunflower seeds, peppers, cucumbers, crutons & lemon juice as my dressing. & some green grapes
Snack: carrots & some cupcake batter (I was baking!)
Dinner: pork chop & 1 1/2 ears of corn
Snack: grapes & string cheese

Exercise: Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Today's Friday!!! TGIF! So... today is a much better day than yesterday in the healthy eating department. No McDonalds. YAY me! haha I finally ate my oh so delicious salad. However, I know this weekend is going to be tough.  So I'm definitely going to have to use my tips to stay focused

Tomorrow we have our little mans 3rd birthday party!! We're having a pool party full of family, swimming, going down water slides, pizza, chips, pop & cupcakes! EEEK... I know I'm not going to avoid those items but if I can have them in moderation... :D I'm thinking 1 slice of pizza, baked chips, water & 1 cupcake. That should be ok right? As long as I can get my Insanity done, I'm perfectly fine with splurging a little. It's his 3rd birthday for pete's sake!! I HAVE TO CELEBRATE! :D


Here are a few photo's of the baking that we did tonight. Of course he wanted to lick the spatula. :) Ok... I did too!  It was so good! Tomorrow I'll share with you some of the birthday party pics & whatnot! Don't get too excited!!!


Since I've been feeling some lack of motivation for most of these days but yet finding some right before I need to get my workout in, I thought that I'd share with you some ways that I find it. (Motivation that is...)

1. Pinterest.  I love browsing Pinterest under the health & fitness category to look for some motivation. There are always many inspirational quotes & photos. Here's one that I really liked. --Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards for some motivation too!

2. Health & Fitness Magazines. I absolutely love reading magazines. I loved reading all the success stories & how people found their own ways to being healthy & fit. Some of my favorits are Shape, Fitness, & Women's Health!

3. Putting up Pictures. I find it really motivating for me to post pictures of me in the past. I made a collage of my before & after pictures from the past. I look at them and wish I still looked as good I did when I was in the best shape of my life (After my first round of Insanity).  I also like to post pics of my dream body. You know... celebrities and stuff. That really motivates me to work harder.

4. Find a Quote or Phrase. Find a favorite quote or phrase & stick to it. My favorite is DONT QUIT. I like to write it on my wrist in the different colors to emphasize the DO IT. It helps motivate me. I also like the phrase "Suck It Up":D

5. Share your Goals. Sometimes telling a friend about how you want to lose weight, run a marathon, get healthy or whatever it might be will help you stay motivated. You never know, they might even help you to reach your goal!

Those are a few ways that I stay motivated, do you have specific ways that help you get motivated on days when you're just feeling lazy?? Fill me in! 

Later Gaters!!

{ Mixed Fruit Protein Smoothie }

1/4 cup frozen fruit - I used peaches, pineapple, mangos & strawberries
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 strawberries
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Add all ingredients into a blender & blend
Add more milk if it's too thick & more frozen fruit or ice if its too thin.


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