Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 32 - Trick or Treat, Give me Candy!

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs on an english muffin
Snack: 3 Peanut Butter Bites
Lunch: a can of chicken noodle soup, grapes
Snack: the rest of the chocolate froyo (YAY its gone!)
Dinner: 1 slice of Papa Murpheys pizza
Snack: 2 Reeses, 1 mini Hershey bar
Calories Consumed: 1712

Exercise: Trick or treating....? That counts right!? :D

Today was such a fun day!!! Let's start by saying I can hardly keep my eyes open right now... I hope I can stay awake to watch Nashville!!

I wore my costume to work today, so did a few of my coworkers!! Check us out!!! Once again... I forgot my camera, so you'll have to bear with me & my (dumb/non-smart) phone pics.

Don't they look great!!!? Halloween is so much fun! So... I usually never pack a "hot" lunch... but today I decided to bring some chicken noodle soup!! So I heated it up and enjoyed every bite while reading a little bit of Shape!!

After work, I went & picked up Matthew & he was SOOO excited to get home & put on his Batman costume!! --YEP!!! Batman & Wonder Woman.. LOOK OUT!! ;)

 Soon as he got his costume on, we went out to Auntie Jen's for some yummy jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murpheys!

They got some creative cats workin' there!! ;) It was scrum-didly-umptious!! Then we took a few cute photos in the front yard since it was all decked out with fun Halloween decorations!

And I HAD to get some pics with my gorgeous nieces as well!! Purrrdy ladies!

Before we knew was time to get our trick-or-treat on!! WOOP WOOP!!

Batman LOVES his candy...and he would knock on the doors and say "Trick or Treat, Give me Candy!" lol I can giggle at it now...but I was trying SO hard to get him to be a little more polite. He's usually extremely good about saying Please. It's still cute though. He loved every minute. He would get his candy and say "thank you" and we'd be walking away the house & he'd say "one more trick or treat" He referred to houses as trick or treats. lol TOO CUTE!!

So there ya have it, people....the cutest Batman & "Batmobile" you'll ever see!!
Hope you all had a great time trick-or-treating, or should I say getting candy!? lol  I'm WORE OUT & ready for bed!! It's calling my name...Tiffany....Tiffany....

Happy Halloween!

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