Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 12 - Visiting Family

Breakfast: strawberry, peach, mango protein smoothie
Snack: Kashi honey almond flax granola bar, energy bite
Lunch: turkey & cheese (thin colby jack) sandwich on whole wheat bread with hummus, 2 kiwis and string cheese
Snack: energy bite, handful of dark chocolate chips (I had to fix a craving people!) and a Luna bar
Dinner: 2 scrambled eggs with sweet peppers on whole wheat toast & cucumbers

My oh so simple & delicious dinner!

Exercise: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Thursdays are always good days! I got to see my little man. Today we went and visited my sister in law, Sarah, Thad & her kids. The kids & Matthew just love playing together. I'm sure I'll be hearing all about them for the next few weeks. :D Since we didn't get home until later, we ended up having a late dinner so I made something simple and decided not to have a snack afterwards. I had a larger snack in the afternoon after my much needed nap. Mmmm...Luna Bar...

Oh oh...btw, in case you're wondering how we did in volleyball last night; we lost our first match & won our second so we play next wednesday for the consolation championship. Hopefully we win! :)  I added a photo...not the greatest but hey, it works!! We just finished playing really hard so we're a little sweaty.

The "High Fivers" but missing one.

Well... thats all for today folks!! Hope you all have a fantastic night! Tomorrow's Friday!!! WOO HOO!

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